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  • Air filter oil - Vrooam

    VROOAM Air Foam Filter Oil is a red coloured, easy penetrating performance air foam filter oil. This product vaporizes quickly and becomes very sticky for superior protection and optimal air flow.

    11,16 €
  • Chaine Lube

    For all types of road and off-road motorcycle chains. High performance ‘TACKY’ lubricant for outstanding lubrication in all conditions of use (touring, race, road and off-road). Excellent penetration power for highest lubrication power. REDUCES friction for MAXIMUM power output and protection under the most extreme conditions.

    12,43 €
    Power Foam

    The VROOAM Power Foam Multi-Cleaner contains an advanced formula. This product is for multifunctional cleaning and degreasing with a wide spectrum of applications with an excellent cleaning action. Ideal for universal use for example helmets and windshields.

    7,00 €
  • Wax and shine
    Wax Shine

    VROOAM  Wax provides long protection, colour depth and quick cleaning. This product contains exclusive waxes that leads to fast and easy application. It creates a strong mirror finish and deep colour brilliance. A product for quick cleaning without water, has good adherence on vertical surfaces and even removes dirt.

    10,33 €
  • Total Cleaner
    Total Cleaner

    A total cleaner (gel formula) for safe and strong cleaning. Removes the most resistant dirt, such as chain grease, road grime and baked-on-insects. Is an advanced non-corrosive cleaning emulsion that is safe for and even protects painted surfaces, fibreglass, dark plastic material, chrome, anodised parts and aluminium.

    13,10 €
    Net frein

    A brake and parts cleaner for strong cleaning and degreasing of all mechanical parts and systems. VROOAM Brake & Parts Cleaner is a penetrating dry cleaner spray for quick and rapid dirt removal without leaving residue. It cleans brakes, carburettors, metal surfaces and other mechanical parts.

    11,80 €

    A multipurpose lubricant for maintenance, care and conservation. VROOAM Multipurpose Lubricant is a penetrating de-watering fluid for Powersports vehicles and industrial applications. It provides excellent displacement of moisture from engines, ignition systems and electrical contacts. 

    12,03 €

    A Coolant Ready-Mix for protection of motorcycle cooling systems. A ready-to-use OAT performance coolant for better heat transfer and cooler running engines. Protects cooling systems and their metallic parts from corrosion and freezing up to -38°C.

    8,66 €

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