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Information on the TM Racing model range

Yet another season of great results worldwide for the small Pesarese manufacturer, who has once again taken their products to the top of the world stage against the much larger manufacturers and their limitless resources. TM Racing have taken World, European and domestic championship titles throughout 2018, they have also shown great success to date with their latest project, the Moto 3 road racing machine. As is the TM Racing philosophy, they have taken their handcrafted, high specification, high quality and high performance ‘customer’ machines to the top of the most competitive World Championships, whilst also adding a multitude of national and domestic results to their tally throughout the TM Racing global network, with both 2-stroke and 4-stroke machines in various classes structures and disciplines.

The 2019 Model Range …….

TM Racing’s exceptional quality remains as always, built to perform at a level in standard trim beyond what is the conventional expectation. Greater performance throughout, not just in power, but in delivery and control. Improvements in handling in all terrains with some new chassis changes’ and suspension revisions, combined with real ‘wet’ weight reductions, some great technological advances, new engines and engine improvements, alongside mass centralisation being a key feature, especially on the 4-stroke machines and their naturally heavier engines. Creating some of the lightest ‘ready to ride’ machines in their class. True performers, race bikes built to race from the offset, what we have all come to expect from a TM Racing machine.

The current generation of the TM Racing range has been given numerous beneficial updates in many areas throughout the 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine range, with a mass of changes and some unique technical innovations once again, and as is now customary, all done with the TM Racing philosophy of ‘’we build it how we want it to be built’’, not working to a ‘budget’ plan. A philosophy that leaves many dumbfounded as to how TM can produce what they do, in the volume they do, for the end consumer price.

For 2019 the TM Racing range sees some beneficial changes being adopted throughout the models, these include new engines for some models, engine and ancillary changes for other models, fuelling systems, electric starting systems, set-up changes, new components and some revisions to the chassis on certain models. TM Racing’s latest generation aluminium chassis, that was re-designed in 2018 and witnessed changes to the material structure alongside weight reduction and altered flex characteristics, remains for 2019 with each ‘capacity’ machine having its own chassis as usual. All designed to further enhance an already great package of machines for every discipline in the 2019 model range. With a multitude of exceptional materials, quality machining, processes and material treatments that are seldom seen on the inside, matched to a huge number of machined aluminium and high-quality parts on the outside, TM Racing motorcycles are constructed to a near ‘factory’ machine specification list, albeit designed for the retail consumer. TM Racing ‘factory’ bikes have more in common with their production counterparts than would ever be believed, the TM Racing ‘factory’ machines run the same componentry as the bikes they produce for their customers with settings and new parts being applied for testing, developing and improving their models in the materials they use for actual production and their new model catalogue. A great testament to the TM Racing philosophy and the build quality, performance and strength of their stock parts, stock parts that others must sacrifice to achieve their goals. In short, TM Racing ‘race’ their machines at the very top of our sport to allow them to design, build, test and ultimately, produce bikes for ‘you’ that can compete at the highest levels.


MX 85 Junior – Small Wheel 14″ / 17″ – Big Wheel 16″ / 19″.

TM Racing MX 100cc  Junior Machine Also Available.

The 85cc machine receives some small but significant technical updates for 2019, all designed to further enhance an already incredible package. With a growing reputation of being one of the best ‘out-of-the-box’ 85cc machines on the market, the TM 85 MX machine has an ever increasing track record of excellent results and great reliability. With a chassis that not only gives superb riding characteristics but is also one of, if not the, lightest on the track in real world terms, matched to an engine that has a great spread of usable, class leading power. The smallest machine of the TM Racing brand range is constructed with not only performance in mind but also durability and is well received by amateur and professional alike in its characteristics.

The aluminium chassis, a first for a ‘Junior’ model, not only looks incredible but also delivers the lap times when matched to the ‘factory’ type fork and shock absorber arrangement. The settings utilised have created a chassis with great response to terrain changes, improving tracking and rear wheel traction, this in combination with the confidence inspiring ‘over-sized’ braking system that works, and keeps working in the harshest conditions, gives a great chassis package of tried and tested components. Built to perform and keep performing whilst maintaining lightweight and retaining ‘upmarket’ componentry and strength throughout, the TM 85 MX is an incredible machine.

The 85cc watercooled, power-valve type engine features a billet machined crankshaft, a machined and treated con-rod, hand finished crankcases that feature a water jacket around the crankshaft area for reducing crank temperatures, a V-force reed block, hand finished cylinders, an ‘oversize’ gearbox and clutch arrangement for superb durability and ultra-reliable clutch performance, die-cast clutch casing and ancillary covers for a smooth look, lighter weight and superb strength, a Kokusan ignition system and new exhaust system, all fed by a Keihin 28mm carburettor with an oversize intake bell mouth, breathing through a large volume Twin-Air air filter. For 2019, the already outstanding 85cc engine will see only minor changes and will continue to adopt all the 2018 model revisions, which included a new crankshaft, running on new reduced friction main bearings, alongside new crank-seals designed to ensure increased seal durability whilst reducing frictional losses. The cylinder received a new configuration and port timing arrangement to maximise performance throughout the rpm range, when combined with the twin-blade power-valve system and once again give a better overall power delivery. A new exhaust system features alongside some small ignition changes to harmonise all the changes to give one of the best performing engines in its class.  Chassis components include, billet triple clamps, billet hubs laced to excel rims, billet rear brake lever, oversize brake discs with oversize callipers, braided brake and clutch lines, hydraulic clutch, Mupo Race Fork, Extreme Tech shock absorber, TM even felt the need to include a built-in hole-shot device, the specification is endless. For 2019 the aesthetic look of the machine will remain the same with its already modern design replicating that of its big brethren, albeit for a new decal scheme incorporating some brighter colour accents giving a more striking visual appearance. A machine built with purpose, using some of the best components and materials available, designed to perform and keep performing without the need to invest heavily in the after-market, an excellent package of high performance, superb handling characteristics, light weight and excellent reliability for the youth sector.



The high-end specification of all TM Racing machines is well versed and for 2019 this is no exception, once again the specification list for a production machine is vast and features numerous high-quality components, many revised for the 2019 model ranges. All full-size models will once again be constructed using an aluminium chassis and sub-frame, with each engine capacity variant having a chassis unique to that engine displacement. This ‘tailoring’ of the chassis to engine allows TM Racing to design and build each machine for minimal weight, compactness and better handling characteristics with mass centralisation specific to each model whether 2-stroke or 4-stroke. For 2019 we have major changes to some chassis assemblies to compensate for new engine packages, whilst others have only minor changes. All chassis are constructed using the latest design elements that reduce overall chassis weight whilst maintaining maximum strength, matched to some revisions in geometry / triple clamp angles that are specifically tailored to each model, allowing the best in handling characteristics for each model variant in the range. On all models, the now standard fitment KYB 48mm twin chamber forks (50mm DLC coated Marzocchi on SMX models) will continue to adopt the latest generation ‘coatings’, these forks are designed to give an improved response for faster changes to the terrain, all still controlled by the more favourable spring and oil set-up which is still proving to give greater reliability and more consistent performance. The TM Racing shock absorber, made in house by the TM racing technicians, remains and stills adopts the latest ‘sealing’ system to reduce the frictional losses and increase shock performance, combined with the latest swing-arm, linkage components and larger rear spindle diameter to limit flex, always allows for a more progressive feel giving improved track stability and maximising traction. The chassis and suspension components work together to achieve incredible handling characteristics on a multitude of surfaces, allowing for greater stability in all conditions, increasing traction and inspiring greater confidence to reduce lap-times. The aesthetic look of the machines body panels will remain the same with the option of white front fenders, fork guards and front number plates / headlight available as ‘spare parts’ purchases. The current appearance of the latest generation model range is still one of the most striking to date, a mix of angles and curves that blend seamlessly into each other from front to rear. Beautiful, yet aggressive in it’s shaping, the body panels will however feature a new decal scheme for 2019 incorporating some brighter colour accents giving a more striking visual appearance.

SMR / SMM Model Variants:

All road designed models will now feature the KYB 48mm fork with a billet triple clamp arrangement and bar damping system to reduce road vibration, specifically tailored for the road models, working alongside a Sachs shock absorber on 2-stroke machines and the TM Racing shock absorber on the 4-stroke machines. These suspension components have been selected for road models where comfort and control on the roads requires a different set of parameters, these ‘softer set’ units allow for a smoother progression in the suspension travel over the larger sized units fitted to the competition range, where more of the available suspension ‘stroke’ is utilised and therefore requires a firmer setting. Designed to work on the road, this componentry guarantees the best handling and comfort in all road conditions.

‘FRESH AIR SYSTEM’: The intake systems on all TM Racing adult 2-Stroke models feature the ‘Fresh Air’ intake systems allowing for the engine air filtration system to breathe cleaner air, this system reduces particulate contamination of the air filter maximising power for longer duration. Air is channelled from the intake vents, on the top of the fuel tank, to the airbox which houses a large volume air filter. On the 2019 model 2-strokes this proven system remains. The ‘Fresh-Air’ system also brings another added advantage in the form of a lower centre of gravity, with the fuel tank now positioned slightly further into the chassis around the engines cylinder, this ‘weight’ shift, combined with the latest frame geometry and suspension, all work harmoniously to maximise the handling characteristics of each machine. The 4-Stroke machines also continue with recently adopted ‘reverse’ layout, which sees the fuel tank moved under the seat area whilst the engine intake and filtration system is now positioned above the engine. This allows the 4-Stroke engine to breathe cleaner air with a much more direct air feed into the Fi throttle body, filter contamination is decreased whilst engine performance and response is maximised. This chassis layout witnessed a huge transformation to the complete range of 4-stroke model machines, with the centre of gravity lowered further into the chassis, especially when noting that each capacity model has its own main chassis unique to a specific engine base. TM Racing have created a line of incredibly nimble and agile machines, better handling characteristics, turning, stability and weight losses were seen throughout the current chassis guise as well as gains in engine performance.

WHEELS: The CNC machined billet aluminium hubs, laced to anodized Excel rims, feature the latest spoke arrangement with a ‘tapering’ design profile in a stronger material, a material treated to increase corrosion resistance, larger spoke nipples feature on the front wheel also for added strength. The wheel configuration allows for the best in strength and durability of the wheel components whilst reducing the un-sprung weight by a small margin. The CNC machined hubs, featuring external dust seals encircling CNC machined wheels spacers to further protect the wheel bearings, are mounted to the suspension components via large diameter hollow spindles. The larger diameter spindles, machined through their centres to lower weight, allow for a more rigid fixing off the wheel reducing the flex and allowing the suspension to work more effectively.

BRAKING SYSTEMS: The braking systems of the TM racing model range has also received some new components for 2019 in the form of some new options for the SMX range and new Brembo front brake pumps for all adult MX/EN/SMR models. The entire model range continues to feature high quality oversize wave discs working with TM Racing’s ‘mix’ of componentry. The master cylinders are connected to the brake calipers with lined and braided high quality racing brake lines that are designed to minimise expansion and ensure maximum braking effort is always transmitted to the calipers. This tried and tested collaboration of parts is regarded as one of the best braking systems in many tests and by racers alike. These braking systems keeps performing in the harshest conditions giving great efficiency and inspiring confidence always. The rear brake system is actuated by a twin bearing pivot mounted, billet machined aluminium foot lever with a replaceable tip.

TRIPLE CLAMPS: The triple clamps fitted to TM Racing motorcycles competition range are CNC machined from block aluminium and each clamp is a work of art, the clamps intricate machining, most of which can only be seen from the underside, gives a structure designed to be supremely strong whilst keeping weight to minimum. The triple clamps also come with an optional ‘damped’ bar mounting system that, through the use of a tapering rubber cone arrangement, allow vibrations that can be transmitted through to the handlebar area to be reduced, whilst also allowing some ‘give’ to the bars in the event of a fall reducing the chances of more severe damage occurring to the handlebars and the components adorning them. The handle bars are secured, via the optional ‘damped’ bar mounting system, by billet machined bar clamps, with the top bar clamps featuring machined TM logo’s on their upper face. New triple clamps angles feature on the new 250/300 2-Stroke machines.

CLUTCH ACTUATION: All TM Racing machines come fitted with a Hydraulic actuated clutch as standard, the master cylinder, made by Brembo, transmits fluid via a lined and braided hydraulic line to TM Racing’s own ‘slave’ cylinders. With separate slave cylinders for the 85/125/144 engines, the 250/300 engine, the 250Fi/300Fi engines and the 450Fi and 530Fi engines, each unit designed to fit and perform for each model giving a balanced clutch feel between all engine size variants, With both single and dual seal pistons in the slave cylinders depending on model application. The Brembo master cylinder, working with the braided hose that limits hose expansion under extreme load, gives great feel and precise clutch control with great durability when combined with TM Racing’s ‘cush-drive’ clutch baskets, which on the 250cc/300c and Fi variants are coated with a hard wearing, friction reduction coating. All clutches are multiple disc ‘wet’ units with multi sprung pressure plates.

ENDURO / ROAD EQUIPMENT: These models feature a full, self-generating lighting system (which can operate also from the battery system on Electric Start models) powered by the crankshaft mounted electrical generator. This system includes a complete side, dipped and main beam headlight assembly, taillight and rear brake light (ALO) – operated by both front and rear brake actuation cylinders – with rear number plate illumination, a turn signal system consisting of 4 flasher units and a horn. All these functions are controlled via a handlebar mounted multi-switch that also includes an ‘engine stop’ button, on Fi ES models a ‘choke’ lever also features on the multi-switch. Working alongside the lighting part of the system is an illuminated digital speedometer with ‘trip’ functionality, this speedometer unit registers the vehicles given speed via a sensor located on the rear wheel of the motorcycle.

ELECTRIC STARTING: The ES abbreviation in any motorcycles descriptive from the TM racing range denotes that the machine has ‘Electric Start’. The TM Racing Electric start system is powered by a new, lightweight, Lithium Ion battery that is recharged during engine running by the electrical system. Electric start can be found on all 4-stroke Fi Enduro models and Road models, is standard UK fitment for Fi MX models and is also available as an option Fi SMX variants.  Electric start will also come as standard fitment on 2-Stroke Fuel Injection 250cc / 300cc Enduro machines and the carburated 250cc / 300cc MX machines. All ‘ES’ models retain a conventional kick-starter.    

ENGINES: The already world class performing TM Racing range of engines and engine ancillary components each receive some updates for the 2019 model range. These high-spec, high performing engines, are designated to each discipline, whether MX, EN, Road or Supermotard, and each feature their own unique variation on internal and external components and settings to perform at their best in their destined environment.

125cc / 144cc: Single Cylinder, Water-Cooled, TMEES Power-valve.

Hand finished crankcases with water cooling of the crankshaft area of the cases, lightweight and strong die-cast clutch casing, clutch inspection, water pump and ignition covers, cast water pump rotor, billet machined crankshafts running on roller bearings with ‘hi-tech’ crank-seals, billet treated con-rod, friction reduction coated pistons, high performance – long lasting clutches, ‘cush-drive’ clutch baskets, friction reduction hard coated gearbox selector fork tips, hardened gear-shaft parts (new main shaft), 5 speed MX / 6 speed EN (differing ratio) gearbox, V-Force reed blocks, hydraulic clutch actuation, Keihin Carburettors, High performance exhaust systems, TMEES electronic exhaust valve control, Kokusan digital variable advance ignition with twin map selection.

The legendary TM Racing 125cc and 144cc 2-stroke engines are synonymous with performance. Combined with some incredible technical innovations, the latest evolution of engines are designed and constructed from some of the best materials and feature some of the best ancillary components available as standard fitment. TM Racing have created small capacity engines with outstanding power characteristics, greater than their actual capacity would suggest, alongside superb reliability to give class leading performance from the outset time and time again.  Both the 125cc and 144cc variants have recently received new cylinder configurations and port timing arrangements alongside new cylinder heads. A new exhaust system also features for 2019 with new Cdi programming and settings all designed to maximise the performance of the engine alongside the TMEES electronically controlled exhaust valve. This new arrangement gives better response with a gain in power/torque at the lower range whilst strengthening the mid / top end performance of the engine. The TMEES system electronics have been profiled to work seamlessly with the engine electronics to ensure power, torque and responsiveness is always at its best for each given discipline.

250cc / 300cc: Single Cylinder, Water-Cooled, TMEES Powervalve.

Hand finished crankcases, lightweight and strong die-cast clutch casing, clutch inspection, water pump and ignition covers, cast water pump rotor, billet machined crankshafts running on roller bearings with ‘hi-tech’ crank-seals, forged piston (250cc), friction reduction coated piston (300cc), high performance – long lasting clutches, ‘cush-drive’ clutch baskets, friction reduction hard coated clutch baskets, friction reduction hard coated gearbox selector fork tips, hardened gear-shaft parts (new main shaft), MX / EN differing ratio gearboxes, hydraulic clutch actuation, V-Force reed blocks, Keihin Carburetors (MX/SMX/FT), Fuel Injection with twin injectors and separate electronic control oil distribution (EN models), Electric start, Balancer shaft, HGS Exhaust systems (with plated expansion chambers on EN / Road models), TMEES electronic exhaust valve control, Kokusan digital variable advance ignition with twin map selection, gear position sensitive variable ignition timing.

The large capacity TM Racing 250cc and 300cc 2-stroke engines are synonymous with strength and durability, with each capacity engine having its own unique qualities in the terms of performance and power delivery characteristics. For 2019 the engines have had a total re-design and feature multitude of new and exciting additions to increase performance and ease of use for the rider. Whilst retaining many well proven internal components, from the exterior, the engines have a whole new look and share little in cast components with the outgoing engine. The complete re-design has been produced to accommodate numerous changes, changes that include electric start on all models, alongside a fuel injection option on EN models with a digitally controlled oil distribution system, whilst carburetors remain on the MX / SMX / FT models. A revised gearbox assembly also features, with friction reduction coated and treated parts to ensure smooth and precise shifting. We also have the addition of a balancer shaft to reduce engine vibration giving smoother performance, better ‘feel’ and a reduction in rider fatigue. The gear position sensitive ignition works alongside the TMEES exhaust valve control system, which also features a new operational control system, that will see the servo mounted to a new cylinder and working directly to a new pulley system. Revised electronic control programming, alongside the handlebar mounted twin ignition map switch, allows the power delivery for each of the 250cc and 300cc engines to not only be tailored by the rider on track, but the electronic systems also make alterations to the mapping depending on gear selection, valve position, rpm (and communication to the fuel injection system where applicable), ensuring the best power delivery and traction at all times. A system that is proving to be great for the hole-shot and those slippery rock sections alike, depending on machine and discipline of course, thus allowing the engine and control systems to give the rider the required power and torque at the required time, giving the best in traction in all conditions. Constructed from some of the best materials for maintaining performance and reliability these already class leading engines that produce incredible, yet usable, controlled power and torque combined with quality ancillary components, have taken themselves to a new level. Power delivery, rider comfort and ultimate outright performance is optimally tailored in each discipline in all conditions in a way never seen before in off-road 2-stroke engines.  

250Fi / 300Fi / 450Fi / 530Fi: 4-Stroke Engines – Single Cylinder, Water Cooled, 4-Valve, Twin Cam, Fuel Injected.

Hand finished crankcases and cylinder heads, lightweight and strong die-cast clutch casing, clutch inspection, water pump and ignition covers, cast water pump rotor, billet machined crankshafts (running on roller bearings with ‘hi-tech’ crankseal – 250Fi/300Fi), billet connecting rods, box-bridged pistons with DLC coated gudgeon pics, hand finished cylinder heads, titanium valves matched to copper beryllium valve seats, chain driven overhead twin camshafts actuating ‘finger followers’ on 250Fi/300Fi and ‘valve buckets’ on 450Fi/530Fi, twin rotor oil pump (dry sump type arrangement), high performance – long lasting clutches, ‘cush-drive’ clutch baskets, friction reduction hard coated clutch baskets, friction reduction hard coated gearbox selector fork tips, hardened gear-shaft parts, 5 speed MX / 5 speed EN 450Fi/530Fi – 6 speed 250Fi/300Fi (differing ratio) gearboxes, hydraulic clutch actuation, Battery-less ‘down-draught’ Electronic Fuel Injection, Kokusan digital variable advance ignition with twin map selection working with the fuel injection systems, gear position sensitive variable ignition timing, HGS ‘bomb’ type Exhaust systems. Electric start on EN and Road models, standard fitment on UK MX models and optional on SMX/FT models

The TM Racing range of 4-stroke engines has become legendary for exceptional power delivery and outright performance and durability. The ability of these engines to perform has become renowned worldwide and for a ‘production’ engine the internal components and materials used are unmatched, many of these components and materials being of a level of quality that would only usually adorn the best of the ‘factory’ engine machinery. With an ever-growing list of results globally, in many disciplines, the 4-stroke range of TM Racing engines has spread to accommodate not only the off-road sector, but now feature in other motorsports. We have witnessed the 450cc engine being adapted for the karting sector where its unique lubrication system, working a twin rotor ‘recovery and distribution’ pump with a lower cavity oil chamber for containment that feeds pumped oil to every part of the engine, has allowed this engine to work with the huge cornering g-forces that karts can create where others struggle to lubricate themselves as the oil swells to one side of the engine. The ‘base’ variant of the 250Fi engine has also been adapted and now sees itself being currently developed in TM Racing’s Moto GP program in the competitive Moto 3 class, this revised engine has already taken some good results during test races this season. TM Racing’s 4-stroke motorcycle range has seen great success over the past seasons, with the 450Fi SMX machine now having taken multiple Supermotard World Championship titles, it currently leads the way in the 2018 championship standings and has become regarded as the bike to be riding in Supermotard to get results. A purpose designed Supermotard bike that can be bought as a package, ready to thrive in this discipline where others are generally adapted machines created from other models. The 450Fi Enduro model was also recently adopted and developed to form the TM Racing Rallye bike, the 450 DKR / Rallye, a machine that has taken world championship victories in its class, a great testament to performance and durability in the harshest conditions. The 250Fi variants are also currently setting the world stage alight where the 250Fi ENes machine (in production spec engine format) has previously taken World Championship titles in the hugely competitive World Enduro Championship and likewise it’s sibling, the 300Fi engine is becoming a world class performer in 2018 in the current World Championship. The latest MX 250Fi ES-4S machine, which was a little late in appearing in 2018, has been turning heads and impressing riders globally with its sheer performance and handling, a superbly engineered racing machine that is outperforming its predecessor in all aspects and is set to achieve great results. For 2019 this latest evolution of 250cc engine will feature in the EN 250Fi ES-4S model, albeit with revised configurations specific to the Enduro discipline.

For 2019 the 4-stroke range will retain the current ‘reverse’ chassis configuration with fuel tank under the seat and the air intake above the engine. This layout has seen a huge transformation in the handling characteristics of all the 4-stroke models since it was introduced in 2015 and has been gradually improved upon year on year. Centralised mass, better outright balance and revisions to the geometry and suspension settings have allowed TM Racing to create and incredible range of 4-stroke machinery all with superb ability and agility. An incredible range of engines matched to an incredible range of chassis, each tailored to a ‘base’ engine, have given TM Racing the ultimate range in 4-stroke machinery, with each model proving itself to be class leading on the world stage in it’s given discipline. For 2019 we have numerous engine changes, the most notable being a new EN 250Fi ES-4S engine based around the ‘twin pipe’ MX style engine with its unique cylinder head and camshaft arrangement. The MX 250Fi ES-4S engine will receive a new ECU and operational system, programmed to work alongside a new air intake system, maximising the responsiveness and outright engine performance of this already incredible  and only recently developed engine. Likewise, these changes will also apply to the new Enduro model variant of this engine that, like all TM 4-stroke engines, will have many internal differences to the camshaft, piston, crankshaft, con-rod and settings in the electronics to tailor the performance to the Enduro market. The MX / EN 300Fi 4S variants will retain the current engine configuration and remain with the single outlet exhaust system. The 300Fi engine, which shares little internal components with its smaller 250cc sibling, is proving to be a world class performer and has seen numerous development changes throughout 2018 in the hands of Eero Remes in the World Enduro Championship, these changes are now implemented into the 2019  model range. The legendary 450Fi engine, that has dominated in its Supermotard guise for a decade, receives only minor updates to some ancillary components and settings for the MX / EN / Road variants, whilst the ‘SMX’ variant will feature a multitude of new additions. The 2019 SMX 450Fi KS-4S engine receives a new cylinder head, with improved intake and exhaust porting, alongside a new twin injector throttle body, all working with a new ECU and operating program harmonised to give even greater performance throughout the rpm range. The best just got better.

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