French Enduro championship 2021 - Langogne (48) - RaW Motorsports

The French enduro championship has given us an appointment in Langogne on October 2 and 3 for the 4th round of the 2021 season. It is with pleasure and determination that the riders of the RAW X-Centric TM Racing team have tackled this event which promised to be grandiose.

The MOTO VERTE DE HAUTE LOZERE motorcycle club welcomed us in an environment conducive to enduro, and set the bar high on Thursday with a real training area, a real mini special which really allowed the riders to adjust their TM Racing in the best conditions.

Unanimously, the SP1 of this enduro on the shores of Lake Naussac is the most beautiful special of the year. Very varied, including passages in the immediate proximityof the lake in the sand, this special offered some great battles (and some magnificent shots).

The more traditional, classic-type SP2 was a classic stage, but hilly.

The line-type SP3, with a long section in the undergrowth, offered the biggest gaps in time.

Weather side, although Saturday was done under a magnificent sun and temperatures close to 20 ° C, Sunday looked like "hell" under downpours of water, which forced the organization to cancel the SP3 and lap 3 for all categories

Elite : First elite podium for RAW X-Centric TM Racing team

We welcomed on this weekend for the first time Valerian DEBAUD, who had the opportunity to ride in the ELITE E1 category on the handlebars of a TM Racing 250Fi 2021, he had the opportunity to learn about the bike than Thursday, October 1 at the time of training, necessarily a handicapping parameter facing its competitors who have been rolling on their respective machines since the start of the season. Not at all discouraged, Valerian worked 3 long hours to adjust and get used to the specifications of TM Racing. Valentin RICHAUD, riding his usual 2021 TM Racing 300Fi, only had to fine-tune his settings in relation to the specific terrain of Langogne. The two pilots, both suspended by Kayaba 48mm prepared by 4.4.2 suspensions, were able to work together in good condition with the help of Peter (442) then present on site.

Saturday went well for Valerian who immediately took to the pace of the best by finishing in a very encouraging 3rd place in Elite E1 on his first outing. The day was a little more complicated for Valentin who will finish 13th in the Elite E2 category.

Sunday, we knew, was going to be a test for the drivers and the mechanics as the day was shaping up to be daunting. A poor choice of foams to severely disabled Valerian on the first two specials (the third being canceled), which earned him a third and fourth place on lap 1. Correctly advised by the members of the RAW X team -Centric TM Racing, a change of foam will propel Valerian to second place on SP3 and SP4 allowing him to pick up at 0.5sec from second place on the podium. Unfortunately, the race management stopped the race after 2 laps, so Valerian will finish third again but so close to second place.

The day will unfortunately resemble the first for Valentin who will finish 12th.

Junior : An imperial Mathis Juillard

Weekend summaries are often short for mathis, but what can we say? Imperial, royal, magnificent, flawless, excellent, Mathis once again dominated his category head and shoulders, and we are very proud of him. Now credited with 27 points in the championship over his pursuer, with 40 pts still to be awarded in the final at Montfrin, Mathis will do everything to come away with the title on Saturday evening.

National et Super Vétéran : 250Fi Team

One thing now reunited Arthur GERLAND and Christophe ESTELLE, they both do 2 laps, and they both drive on a TM Racing 250Fi 2021. Arthur will not manage to pick up the Top10 on the Langogne race in National category 1 , a test too wet for our southerner who is more used to the sun and rolling stones. On the other hand, Christophe passed from the 144Fi to the TM Racing 250Fi worked miracles, he finished second on two occasions, and returns to carry the Super Veteran title! There is no doubt that we will encourage him in the final so that he can recover the points he lacks.