Mathis JUILLARD est champion de france d'Enduro sur sa TM Racing 300Fi 2S - RaW Motorsports

Some three weeks after the LANGOGNE event, the ENDURO French championship caravan met in Montfrin in Occitan land, and more precisely in the Gard.

Once again, three beautiful specials test typical of the region welcomed the rider of the RAW X-centric TM Racing France team.

Junior : Mathis JUILLARD French ENDURO Champion

After an almost perfect season, with 7 victories over the first 8 days of racing in the French championship. Mathis could afford to insure on the first day of racing at Montfrin! A 4th place was then already sufficient to be titled on Saturday evening.

Author of a solid day, without taking any risk, he will finish second and win the title of French champion of ENDURO 2021 on the handlebars of his TM Racing 300 Fi 2S. Well done Mathis! Thank you for your work, thank you for your passion for motorcycle sport. There is no doubt that the 2022 season will not be quite as good on the handlebars of a TM Racing.

Elite : Valerian DEBAUD on the podium

Back on the TM Racing 250Fi 2021 # 20, Valerian was keen to prove that he was capable of being a serious rival for the podium, author of an excellent time with two category scratches in SP6 and SP8, Valerian passed close to a high quality day, a small error on the SP2 that he does not particularly appreciate will push him back to 3rd place! It is another appreciable podium for Valerian and for the team, it remains to find the keys to SP2 in the night to get the lead tomorrow.

Valentin RICHAUD was unable to complete the whole day, but will leave tomorrow to end the season in style.

National et Super Vétéran : New victory for Christophe Estelle

Arthur GERLAND's day in National 1 unfortunately ended quickly, victim of a bad fall on the SP4, our young rider had damaged his bike too much to be able to continue in good conditions. Back in the paddock, our technical team put thebike back in order to be able to set off again tomorrow.

As a super veteran, Christophe ESTELLE has decidedly taken the measure of his TM Racing 250Fi 2021, author of 4 category scratch today, he did not leave his competitors much luck and won the race day of the most beautiful of manners. Back 12 lengths from the leader, nothing is finished for the title of champion of France which will be awarded tomorrow evening at the end of the final day of racing.