TM Racing 300Fi 2S 2020 RaW Edition

In 2020, the revolution for TM Racing is the 300Fi 2S. A 300cc 2 stroke supplied with electronic injection in order to meet EURO4 standards. TM Racing had to replace its good old KEIHIN PWK 38 carburetor. So on the race track, what is it worth? We tested for you, and we have developed a special edition available immediately to order.

This bike also exists in a 250cc version.

A 300cc injected engine

In 1999, TM Racing released its first 300cc 2 Stroke, then powered by a KEIHIN PWK 38 carburetor. 21 years later, initially driven by ecological constraints, the injection made its appearance on the TM Racing 300cc 2 Stroke. Technology arrived 9 years ago on the 4 stroke, what does it bring on our 2 stroke?

For the first time, you will not put pre-mix fuel in your tank. Preparing your fuel in advance by mixing SP98 / 2.5% VROOAM VR6 oil, it's over! The oil will be put directly into the frame of the motorcycle, it will then be injected by an oil pump and a specific injector! Separate lubrication therefore, convenient to refuel at the gas station during a long trip with your friends in 4 Stroke. The capacity of the frame is about 650mL, and you can ride for ten hours without having to put more oil, enough for a full day ! However, we recommend filling the frame with oil every morning for safety reasons!

The fuel injection is carried out using two injectors on each side of the cylinder, so we are on a direct injection. Everything is managed by a configurable Emoticom ECU, using the CAL Tool software available with your dealer, and the appropriate cable. It is then possible to re-configure the injection and advance maps as you wish.

Moteur TM Racing 300Fi 2S 2020

The chassis behavior of the TM Racing 300Fi 2S RAW Edition

We took our courage in both hands, mounted a Metzeler Six days 90 / 90-21 tire at the front and a Metzeler Six days 140 / 80-18 at the rear on the motorcycle, made two three calls to find a good training compound (before confinement), and we went to try this machine.

A few laps of the track to adjust the shock absorber and the fork according to the weight of our driver, because remember that the best suspension / fork equipment will do nothing without a minimum of adaptation, and we were able to take the measure of TM Racing 300Fi 2S 2020 RaW Edition.

The first thing to say, we are not disoriented, the engine has changed a lot, but the chassis remains very similar to what we could be the TM Racing in 2019. Equipped with a Kayaba 48mm fork at the front , and one of a in-house TM Racing shock absorber derived from Showa, we quickly find the grip on this special, although very wet. Do not forget that we are at the beginning of March, in our beautiful Normandy (France) country. The bike is stable in the stubble ruts and goes straight, limiting the loss of traction as much as possible, aided by the clearly more flexible and usable engine.

Once in the wooded part, in single track, with pebbles on the ground, the suspension does not flinch. The bike is positioned exactly where you want it, and absorbs shocks perfectly with excellent precision.

A few years ago, we criticized the Italians for favoring very “racing” shock / fork settings, making most of them quite firm. This era is finally behind us. The suspensions are soft, and effective, surely even a little too much if you enter the Enduro GP and on hard track! Never mind, a visit to Fura Racing Developpement (French suspesnion specialist) for another setting, and you will be perfect.

The handlebars changed in 2020, we stay on Reikon, but with a slightly lower profile. Our pilot, 1m90, admits that he preferred the old hanger, but that will delight most users

The foot rests in titanium SCAR, beyond being particularly light, bring a real additional grip, very useful in these wet conditions. On the other hand, do not forget to have interchangeable soles, as with the SIDI CrossFire SR3, the sole may unlike the teeth of your footrests.

The engine behavior of the TM Racing 300Fi 2S RaW Edition

This is the big question of this livery, what is the engine of the TM Racing 300Fi 2S RaW Edition 2020 worth?

To sum it up in 1 word, breathtaking.

There is always a tendency to compare the performance and usability of a 2-stroke engine with the 4-stroke engine. The 2-stroke is more playful, it's more fun, it costs less to buy and use, but that's less effective! Does this 300cc 2S Fi close the 2 Stroke / 4 Stroke gap? Largely !

We end up with a torquey and flexible engine! Incredible low rev force, getting out of a wet curve is no longer a problem. The engine will get you out of this situation effectively. A climb in front of you a little arduous, the engine speed drops and the engine keep going without stopping, no piston stroke on the program, royal!

A long straight in front, gear-up, helped by his shifter, use the couple, you will come out like a rocket. On the other hand, high revs are not its strong point, at least currently before we pass the machine to the dyno to make it a specific mapping.

Is the 2 Stroke / 4 Stroke gap covered? We will respond almost. The difficultyof the two stroke at the opening of the valves, it is clearly of the past. The brutal engine too. A motorcycle to try in any case!

How much is the TM Racing 300Fi 2S 2020 RaW Edition?

While the special price of a standard 300Fi 2S Enduro is € 9,499 incl. tax, we offer this special edition at € 9,699. This offer is valid until May 31, 2020.

We can offer other models from the TM Racing range in RaW Edition livery on request.