TM Racing spare parts have new prices

The pricing goes down

On May 30, 2020, the pricing of TM Racing spare parts was lowered, it is only natural that RAW Motorsports immediately updated its webshop.

Plastic kits, for example, see their prices drop by around 10%, 2-stroke pistons by 13%, clutch housings by 8% or even clutch discs by 13%. Excellent reasons to maintain your TM Racing.

Some parts have seen their prices increased, but overall, on average, the pricing is gowing done by 3%, which an update that we can only congratulate.

Below is a small table with notable examples:

RéfNameOld priceNew PriceDifférence
21019RUBBER, SILENCER/PIPE 97/-4,20 €3,53 €- 19%
10022.94125cc piston kit 53.94116,18 €100,86 €- 13%
03026Crankshaft bearing59,59 €55,05 €- 8%
04034.15Shaft seal kit 125cc35,71 €32,98 €- 8%
05280.20Cylinder gasket2,88 €2,42 €- 16%
25000125cc clutch housing43,82 €40,47 €- 8%
35012Fiber clutch plate6,97 €6,34 €-9%
4905685/125/144 ignition nut5,91 €2,97 €-50%
F27578250/300Fi Exhaust silencer370,63€321,73€-13%
F27448Kayaba 48mm spring85,34€83,10€-3%

Free-interest 2/3/4x paiement

Thanks to our partnership with our bank, we are now able to offer you payment by credit card in 2/3/4x at no cost.
An excellent reason to wait no longer when you have big jobs to do on your TM Racing machine!

Paiement methodMinimal amount
2x free-interest100€
3x free-interest200€
4x free-interest300€