You have a TM Racing 250 or 300 Fi 2S in the garage, and the exhaust pipe is getting old, it is damaged by impacts with stones, or your encounters with trees?

At the time of writing, two solutions are available on the market, the HGS exhaust and the PRO-CIRCUIT exhaust. Which one is better? In which domain ?

HGS exhaust system

This is the original exhaust of the TM Racing 250/300 Fi 2S 2020. And as often with TM Racing, it is quite efficient over the whole range of revs, we have nothing to complain about. It will be used to compare the Pro-Circuit. The exhaust has been tested with its original silencer, which also provides very good performance.

PRO-CIRCUIT exhaust system

Developed in the United States by Mitch PAYTON teams, the PRO-CIRCUIT brand products work particularly well on TM Racing. We tested the exhaust system and the silencers. And we were pleasantly surprised with the result of the exhaust system. Do you need power at high revs? This is the exhaust body you need. Combine with the ENDURO PRO-CIRCUIT silencer, it will bring some additional 2hp at high speed. Expect to lose a bit on low RPM. We also tried the short PRO-CIRCUIT short "MX", more aesthetic for our taste (because shorter), but not very effective on the dyno. You will probably find a bit more "response" at low RPM, but you will lose a good part of the gain at high RPM.

FRESCO echaust sytem

At the time of writing, the FRESCO exhaust does not exist for the TM Racing 250/300 2019/2020

Graphics result

  • Red : Exhaust PC + long silencer
  • Orange :  Exhaust PC + short silencer
  • Green :Exhaust HGS + long silencer