NISSIN Street /Off-Road Sintered Metal Brake...

NISSIN Street /Off-Road Sintered Metal Brake pads - 2P-274ST-MX

Shipped the 08/02/2024

Front brake pad Nissin"Competition" 
Fore all TM racing 2005 et +


NISSIN, manufacturer of complete brake systems, has unparalleled experience not only in the field of brake pads but also calipers, brake discs, master cylinders, etc....


  • New sintered pad material with the best fading resistance and high friction coefficient at low and high temperatures
  • Excellent performance, is recommended for faster riding conditions for GT and sports bikes.
  • For inox brake discs only

Never use sintered brake-pads in calipers orginally equipped with non-sintered brake-pads !!

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