Découverte de la TM Racing 300Fi 2S 2022 - RaW Motorsports

SINFONIA 2022, the music has changing! This is how the Italian factory TM Racing presented its 2022 range in a sumptuous amphitheater in June 2022. Six months later, the motorcycles arrived, so what about?

The 2022 TM RACING 300Fi 2S is the big novelty of the year, obviously we are going to talk about it but its little sister, the 2022 TM Racing 250Fi 2S has exactly the same engine and frame changes. Born in 2019, approved in 2020 (for France) the TM Racing 300Fi 2S, a motorcycle equipped with an injected 300cc 2-stroke engine (which therefore no longer has a carburetor, but an injection body) has made good progress on engine level and chassis.

In detail there is numerous change on the frame ! And radical change in terms of the engine.

Frame : Some little touch

A perimeter aluminum frame is made from an aluminum "beam" and aonnecting piece which are there to connect the different elements. We used to see with TM Racing that the connecting parts are mainly made with pieces of CNC  aluminum. Now the elements are molded, this obviously makes it possible to reduce the cost of the motorcycle in order to try to stabilize its price despite the increases that we are undergoing, to be able to make larger series, but also in terms of use / handling to make the bike a little more "flexible", it was one of the big complaints made by the pilots who found the bike too rigid! Well this is going in the right direction!

The fork of the motorcycle remains a KAYABA 48mm, a reference in the world of off-road motorcycles, the shock absorber has been redesigned to make room for the oil pump reservoir now in front of the air box, but remains technically identical. Note that the new integration of the shock absorber allows a very simple extraction of the frame of the motorcycle, appreciable!

The air box has been redesigned with an air filter now thin and clipped! No more butterfly screw that you have to put in after putting grease all over the rear buckle, another improvement to facilitate maintenance of the machine.

Of course the entire plastic kit has been changed, an aesthetic revolution but not only! The shape of the plastics has been designed so that the pilot's position is as natural as possible! And the reality is bluffing, the shape of the front shrouder is magical, leaving the pilot in perfect control of his TM Racing, in direct connection with the perimeter aluminum frame! To this you add the now wider footrests which is also equipped with a protection preventing the mud from getting stuck in the rotation of it and you would have full and total control of the bike.

The air inlet from the front of the machine has also been revised, exit the air inlet above the tank, it is now not "in" the tank which allows an even greater flow than in 2021 , which will make the life of the engine easier.

Finally, all the cable passages have been thought out and prepared with numerous supports riveted to the frame, the attention to detail that will allow you to go quietly on your races without having any doubt that the cables may rub against such and such. elements.

Engine : A simple change that make all the difference

In 2019, TM Racing presented its 300cc Fi 2S to the world. Following the same process as KTM, Husqvarna the injectors necessary for fuel injection into the engine were placed directly in the transfers! Huge advantage of this method: it allows relatively little fuel to be injected, making it easier to pass the various European standards, less fuel = less pollution, logical! And yet it's been a long time since fuel used to go through a carburetor, an intake pipe, valves before ending up in a transfer, finally there was maybe a reason?
This reason, it is simple, the more the mixture is "vaporized" away from the combustion, the more the air / fuel mixture absolutely vital to the operation of an internal combustion engine has time to be done correctly.
Based on this principle, and like the modern 4 Stroke, the injectors, because there are two of them, were moved by the Italian firm from the cylinder to the injection body. We therefore find a slightly more conventional placement of the injectors, with fuel passing through an injection body, an intake pipe and valves before finishing in the transfers! Results ? A motorcycle that becomes round again, stable over time with 100% predictable behavior and which takes turns! In short, a motorcycle that works like a 300cc 2 Stroke, and that makes us happy!

In reality ? Does this work ?

The first thing we did when we received the bike, after having prepared it. It's getting it on the dyno, we wanted to know if practice followed theory! Well, in a nutshell, whoooa. Why can't you have done this before?
Compared to the 2020/2021 which had the injectors on the cylinder, the TM Racing 300Fi 2S 2022 gains no less than 4 hp at the rear wheel, but above all a much more usable power curve, and a possibility of consequent engine adjustment, we are conquered!

Our teams will work all winter to succeed in providing the riders of the RAW XCentric team with the best 300cc 2 Stroke we have ever experienced. And we are now convinced that the TM Racing 300Fi 2S 2022 is an excellent base for work! See you at the first event at Luc-en-Provence on April 16 and 17, 2022.