How to drain the engine oil and change the filter of my TM 250/300Fi ?

Simplest but also most important maintenance step! Regularly drain the engine oil from its TM Racing 250 / 300Fi 4 Stroke will guarantee the longevity of your tm motorcycle engine. The oil must be changed after the first hour when the motorcycle is new, then at 5 hours, then every 15 hours of riding.

It is very important to use the right quantity, and the right quality of oil. We strongly recommend the use of VROOAM VR90 10W50 oil for your TM engine. In order to guarantee proper filtration of the engine oil, it is important to change the oil filter each time you change the oil.
The oil must be changed with the engine off butstill warm enough to allow the waste oil to flow out easily.

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1 - Unscrew the four screws (1) and remove the skid plate (2).

Position the motorcycle on a flat surface and prepare a suitable recipient under the same.

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2 - Loosen the introduction cap (3) positioned on the right side of the engine (clutch cover)

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3 - The drain caps (4 and 5) positioned on the lower side of the engine; allow the oil to flow out into the recipient.

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4 - In the meantime, remove the filter cover (6) situated on the right side of the engine, loosening the relative screws (7) and paying attention to collect the oil escaping.

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5 - Extract the cartridge filter (8) and clean the surfaces of the guard and filter cover, check the seal O-rings (9 and 10) and replace them if necessary. Insert the original new TM Racing filter in a way to have the open side towards the outside of the engine. The filter must be inserted completely into its housing.

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6 - Re-mount the O-rings and the filter cover, tightening the screws (7) to 8 Nm (0.8 kgm, 5.9 ft/lb).

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7 - Wait for the oil to drain completely through the holes, clean the sealing surfaces, replace the aluminium washers, remove any magnetic debris(11) of the draining caps (4 and 5) and screw the caps back on, tightening to 20 Nm (2 kgm, 14,75 ft/lb).

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9 - Prepare a measure with the amount of the prescribed engine oil necessary (see table) and pour from the introduction hole. Repeat the oil level check operation. Check sealing of the filter cover introduction and drain caps.

  • A level that is too low, poor quality oil or maintenance intervals longer than those prescribed, cause serious damage to the engine.
  • Do not introduce an excessive amount of oil into the engine. If this should happen, drain it as described previously.
  • Do not attempt to clean a used filter.
Change oil and filter
Engine overhaul.

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