2 stroke oil circuit filling (TSI) procedure

TM Racing 125/144/250/300 EN 2020 (TSI)

Réinitilisation de valves TM Racing 2020
  1. Remove the seat of your TM Racing 
  2. Connect the 68192 cable (1) to the battery terminals or any external 12V battery.
  3. Press the mapping button (2) and select “MAP 2”
  4. Engage the 3rd gear by means of the lever (3).
  5. Keep the shutting off button pressed for more than 5 seconds, the mixer pump will start for a set cycle
  6. In case you want to repeat the operation, press the shutting off button (4) for more than 5 seconds.
  7. Once filling has been completed, disconnect the cable (1) and re-fit the seat.

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